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Why can not be promoted in manual or automatic?[ 08-14 14:49 ]
1.large solenoid directional valve does not change. 2.no solenoid directional valve. 3.hydraulic control check valve or valve plug valves. 4.lifting button or upper limit switch contact.
What Reason causes dried flowers on the laminated plate?[ 08-14 14:29 ]
The reasons of the dried flowers on the laminated plate generally are as follows: 1.Nonuniform temperature of the hot lamination plate 2.Improper pressurizing time 3.Damage on the asbestos board 4.Damage on the buffering mat 5. Uneven hot lamination plate
How to deal with the oil cylinder or cylinder oil leakage?[ 08-14 14:16 ]
Change the oil cylinder (cylinder) seal ring,fruit is new to buy a small oil press is normal,because the press before the test pressure,cylinder (lift cylinder) in the presence of some original oil,used for a period of time,natural good; press a few oil cylind...
Why the high pressure system can't shut off pressure?[ 08-14 14:09 ]
1.solenoid valve is not strictly closed. 2.liquid valve in a valve closed lax. 3.check valve closed.  
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