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Product Name:Multi-layout press(900T-3200T)


Multi-layout press(900T-3200T)

Multi-layer press machine is mainly used for particleboard joinery board, the highlights of ecological board cover. Also can be used in the forming of door plank and stick a face. Multi-layer press layer varies from 4 to 12 layers. Also can customize according to the customer . Special multi-layer press can show the function of the cold into cold out. Multi-layer press without automatic feeding system . Use multi-layer press discourage MDF door plank, sheet is in commonly 3 to 5 mm or so, and in front of the hot pressing need special softening treatment. The multi-layer press can apply a surface coating in either one or two presses, with the two-press process being slightly more effective.

The main specialty of the multi-layer press is its efficiency; it can press 4-10 items at once. When it comes to products that require lengthier pressure cycles, the speed and quality delivered by a multi-layer press exceeds that of a single-layer press. The drawback to using a multi-layer press is the lack of an automated feed/ejection system, meaning that the process still requires human labor.


1:  Aging Treatment:  After we finish welding of the main frame of the press machine, we give them a aging treatment. After this step, the stresses of the main frame became more uniform and the using life of the frame can be 1.5-2 times more than before.

2. Frame Mechanism: Some other brand press machine internal stress concentration region was grinded by artificially after cutting, edge stress concentration easily damaged, but we use CNC machining center creates the shape make a very smooth surface. This would increased strength and fatigue life, make the frame more persistent.

3. Insulation Mat: The machine uses macromolecule inner temperature insulation board instead of epoxy resin plate, so that the index of withstand voltage and heat-resisting is increasing obviously. It would reduce the temperature of the oil cylinder,  to extend the service life of the sealing ring of the cylinder.


For common press machine,the accessories can choose following kinds:

A: Fast hydraulic system:We improved the original hydraulic system.We increased the pressure energy storage device and redesign the valve block system. All the valve and pipe are used by larger sizes,This would make the oil cylinder down faster,and shorten the closing time of the press machine and increase the board production.Meantimewe changed our hydraulic oil cooling method,using air cooling hydraulic pump station instead of water cooling hydraulic pump station.The oil temperature can be reduced 10 ℃ extra than before.In the same operation conditions.Our machine more stable and have longer service life.

B: Asynchronous servo motor for energy saving purpose:There are two advantages by using asynchronous servo motor.One is the energy saving can reach about 40%,The other is when the machine in the pressure holding operation,motor and pump stop working.So it can increase about 50% of service life of the pump and valve of hydraulic system.

C: Electronic automatic temperature control system:The installation of electronic automatic temperature control system solved that the up and down heating plate need to be adjust the temperature manually.It would adjust the heating temperature automatically.The temperature of the up and down heating plate is always maintained at the client set temperature range.

D: Recirculation System:Heat conducting oil recirculation system use high temperature oil heat pump and imported electric three way valve or pneumatic valve,match with imported PMA temperature control instrument.This would make a heat-conducting oil furnace to produce different temperature without interfere each other.The temperature can be controlled within 1 ℃.The temperature is more exact in the balance of up and down hot press board’s temperature.So the quality of the finished board is better.

E: Automatic Board Feeding System:It would greatly saved the labor cost,which makes the unloading and loading board more safety and efficiently.

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