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Wuxi Lutong Machinery Co.,Ltd.,founded in 1988,has 53000 square meters of production facilities.We produce several types of machines for the lamination industry,and are the leading industry pioneers and standards setters in this field in China.

Over the years our company has been named by the Chinese Government as one of the Jiangsu Province's "famous enterprises".Our company strictly implements the IS09001-2000 international standard quality management system,and has,for many years,been identified by the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Technical Supervision of Quality as having a AAA Credit Rating.

Over the past 20 years,Lutong has always adhered to the business philosophy of continuous innovation and integrity of management.Laminator products of our company have been widely used in wood processing,home furnishing building materials, furniture,flooring etc.At present our company has reached an annual output of 400 units of this scale, and ranks as the first for laminator product production and sales in China.Our products have been sold to 28 provinces in China and 13 countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.Our user base has reached nearly 6000.

Lutong short cycle lamination machine was invented in 1998. The main advantage of it is that it shortens the time for the board feed in and out from the machine. Compared to the original longitudinal plate feeding method, this method increases the speed by about 60%-70%. Lutong designed Compressor operating system adopts a man-machine interface and PLC programmable control system that has the advantages of simplified operation, convenient installation and repair, safety and reliability all in a small foot-print. Our Research and Development teams takes advantage of ideas from other international R&D efforts as well as has an emphasis on customer feedbacks. This enables us to continually innovate, and enhance our products.

Lutong has won the confidence of our customers through innovative, quality products and excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We intend to continue down the path of excellence.