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Wide application of new type of veneer hot press

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The use of the hot press in the construction industry is more common. Facing the hot press is also experienced continuous updating and upgrading, and now we see the new type of double veneer hot press, of course, the quality and function of the continuous improvement and gradually enrich the.

The new type of veneer hot pressing machine is used to design and produce more advanced technology, the operation mode is more simple and easy to learn. In the structure of the design industry is quite reasonable, in use is also more safe and reliable, there is no security risks, we are more relaxed in the use of the process. In terms of production is to enhance the not, under normal circumstances every day probably produce up to 1200 products, and in the quality of the products is can guarantee complete, the absolute quality. While in use, not only can use the wooden door and pressed home plate more, you can also compare with various types of wood-based panels and decorative cloth, decorative wood and decorative paper in the small decorative wood plank to finalize the design of the whole pressure.
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