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WUXI LUTONG take you to understand common operating instruction of hot-lamination machine

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The hot lamination technology is very simple for these people who are familiar with building templates but possibly unfamiliar for some people of other industries; let's understand the following operating instruction of the hot-lamination machine according to the building template: seriously adjust the hot lamination parameter at work in terms of the process requirements, wherein the adjustment shall be authorized by the technician or personally adjusted by the technician. The blank takes the center of the lamination plate in the lamination machine as an axis, forbidding deviation and compression.

Pressure shall be compensated within a certain time range in terms of the performance of the lamination machine and relieved within a certain time range in terms of the temperature, without shortening or prolonging the time. Strictly prohibit the adjustment on the blank during the heating process and also prohibit one-person exclusion in accident. Exclusion shall be down under the supervision after the gate is pulled so as to accomplish the switching; the switching personnel should check whether the equipment is in good condition. After work, the hot-lamination machine and the production area shall be cleaned. The successor shall carefully inspect such equipment as the hot-processing machine, the loading and unloading machine, and the pump station, check the running records in details, understand the process parameters, check the oil level of the oil tank, and check whether the pressure meets the process requirement.
Check whether the heat conducting oil inlet system has leakage, firstly open the valve, and then, preheat the plate lamination machine, check whether the pressure gauge and the thermometer are normal, and confirm all to boot. The above shall be the basic issues in need of attention during the operation of the hot-lamination machine;hope the above information be helpful for wide users of the hot-lamination machine.
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