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WUXI LUTONG MACHINERY tells you how to select multilayer hot lamination machine

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The hot-lamination machine is more and more popular in industrial applications; beside the quality, personality is also a big advantage for choosing under the competition among different products. The personality choice is the cost performance choice, and also the market subdivision choice. Now more than 700 multilayer production lines for lamination machines exist in China; there are a large number of production lines,but these lines are similar, lacking of development of market subdivision; the personality choice of the multilayer hot-lamination machine occupies the market; the personality choice has the following advantages:

1.A variation product of a density board, wherein some customers begin to develop the "fiber particleboard"the surface core layer is made of thin fibers while the core layer is made of fine shavings or thick fibers.
The personality choice of quality and yield, wherein the impact of the continuous flat press on the multilayer lamination machine is embodied in both yield and quality of the product. In the case of yield, the domestic multilayer equipment already can exceed the continuous flat press with each breadth of 4 feet; the yield of the Jebsen firstly launched 30-layer production lines with breadth of 4*8 can reach 150-180 thousand cubic meters; the order of six sets of lines are existed,and two of them have been run successfully; the launched 18-layer multilayer lines with each breadth of 4*16 feet has been run successfully, with yield reaching 150 thousand cubic meters; multiple sets are clinched.
Market division on density, wherein beside medium and high density fiber plates, there are also low and superhigh density fiber plates. The low density plate, primitively known as the soft fiber plate, has been existed for a long time, mainly used as the lining for the sound-absorbing panel, the insulation board and the floor;the superhigh density plate with bulk density of 1400 grams per cubic centimeter generally needs secondary hot lamination, mainly used for replacing the paper plate with superhigh density; the main application shall be the laboratory bedplate, the hospital sterile plate, and the plate instead of the tile in the bathroom; the sales price is about 10000 Yuan per cubic meter; the Jebsen Group can provide equipment.
Market division on specification and breadth, wherein China has relatively few production lines of special specifications; such as 6*9 feet, which is also the market subdivision, customers can consult the suppliers like Shanghai Trigger and Jebsen Groups.
2. Market subdivision of thick plates, wherein China has more than 700 production lines for density plates; the product is 9-18mm in thickness; there are few factories capable of producing the products with thicknesses of 22 and 25mm and fewer factories capable of producing the products with thicknesses of 40-50 mm. The product annotated to be the thick plate has the following choices: if the thickness of the product is annotated to be 22-25mm, corresponding requirements can be proposed to the paving machine, pre-lamination machine and hot-lamination machine of the equipment supplier; most factories can meet the requirements of the customers; if the thickness of the product is annotated to be 40-50mm, customers can choose the vacuum spray multilayer lamination machine of the Jebsen Group; the Jebsen Group owns the invention patent and also has been providing products for the market.
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