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Recommended by the latest development of the continental machinery

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The latest development of the 2400 t,2800 t of patented press:

1.aging treatment: after the main frame of our pressure welding,after the aging treatment,eliminate the internal uneven stress,significantly improve the service life of the compressor frame.

2.frame: the main frame plate is improved from the original δ=80mm for Delta Delta δ=100mm,and the framework of heightening,longer service life. The center distance of the press is more reasonable,and the collapse of the finished product is basically satisfied the quality requirements of the floor for export. The internal stress of the press is now the site of the former are directly cut after grinding,edge stress is more concentrated easily damaged,now for the CNC machining center,the surface is very smooth. After the improvement,the strength and fatigue life of the frame are increased.

3.a synchronous mechanism: compressor synchronous mechanism is also improved. Four connecting rod mechanism is used to instead of the synchronous gear mechanism,make our synchronous effect is more stable,plate plate flatness better,extruded sheet better quality and more competitive.
4.heat insulation pad: we with high temperature and heat insulation plate instead of the epoxy resin plate,pressure,heat index improved significantly,reducing the temperature of the oil cylinder,so as to prolong the service life of the oil cylinder sealing ring service life.
5.hydraulic pump station: we have to improve the hydraulic system,increase the high pressure storage device,re design the valve block,all the valve and pipe are using a larger diameter,so that the decline of the cylinder faster,and shorten the pressure time after the closure of the compressor,improve the output of finished plate. At the same time,we change the US oil cooling mode,air cooling instead of the original water,air cooling can than previous low temperature 10 degrees Celsius,the same intensity of use,the machine more stable,the use of longer life.
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