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Hot press used in the furniture industry

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Along with the wood especially precious wood resource reduced furniture more and more use of paste veneer or stickers isobaric process,as pressed an important device in the process of hot pressing machine in the furniture manufacturing often used for the veneer and compaction of molding parts,its production capacity and technical performance restricts the pros and cons of the enterprise production scale and product quality. In order to better understand and choose hot press,this paper takes the furniture industry often uses the veneer hot press as an example to introduce the press.

Furniture industry to use veneer hot press,format,basically to artificial board dimensions (1220 x 2440 mm),surface pressure usually 02~0.4MPa and the corresponding total pressure in 120t. Determination is made according to the process requirements of different hot pressing machine in addition to the main technical parameters of the hot pressing board size,total pressure,number of layers,the surface pressure,there are open files,closing time,heating temperature and productivity and other technical parameters. The working process of the hot pressing machine can be divided into five processes,which are closed,boost pressure,pressure holding pressure,unloading pressure and falling. The host machine from the function of the realization can be divided into three parts: heating system (to provide heat),hydraulic system (to provide pressure and control of the press) and press the body (frame,control part).

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