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Hot press inspection notice

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Use hot press machine to be in accordance with the standard operation,to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel. The inspection is the key point of the safety standard:

1.every 4 hours to check the motor,reducer,bearing heat,lubrication,transmission,stroke switch,pneumatic components work is normal.

2.each car shall observe the accumulator charging pressure is normal.

3.at any time to pay attention to the press plate and beam and beam and frame between whether there is a card resistance phenomenon,if there should be timely troubleshooting,at any time to pay attention to the work is normal,whether there is loose or fall off,each class should be the next to the lower cross beam friction surface and lubricating oil.

4.the slab,tray,wool board shall stay in the press for a long time,so as to avoid the fire,in case of power failure,but also to push the press down the valve,down the press,the introduction of the hair plate.

5.each slab into the machine to observe whether there is a possibility of damage to the tray,a sudden stop button to see a sudden stop button. 6.observe the push plate into the installation of the car is normal.

7.observe the installed machine push into the press whether there is a card,whether the full launch of the press,if there is no full introduction of the press should be artificially pulled out,observe whether the rise in the damper is in place.

8.check whether the heat pump is different,if there is a leak. 9.observe whether the press before and after the work of the baffle is abnormal.

10.observe the press,loading and unloading machine whether there is leakage of oil.

11. pay attention to clean the surface of the heat conduction pipe and the press frame of the dust. Not just within the scope of hot press.

12.observe whether there are obvious iron foreign body into the compressor,so as not to damage the plate.

13.they have to observe the loose phenomenon,if there should be timely treatment.

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