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Basic introduction and characteristics of hot press

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When we use the hot press,we must clearly the use of hot press,not because of a small mistake to pose a threat to life. On this,Lu machinery factory to remind the majority of workers have to pay attention to some points:1,we must close the power switch to open the heat press,starting with a low pressure pump,2,but also check the pressure is normal;3,to ensure that the oil cylinder is not air,5,to check the operation is not normal,electrical equipment is normal;6,according to the requirements of processing technology,adjust the time controller and pressure gauge on the lower limit.

Now already soon entered into the summer,temperature is to remind us,this Saturday,the beginning of summer should summers will be come. Many workshop staff should pay attention to rest,raise the spirit in mount guard,when you are in a kind of fatigue loading,not only the work efficiency is low,but also will have a great threat to the life safety. We will also often see,many hot press operator on the production line due to negligence or is fatigue,the hands are compressed,resulting in major accident. The fact of this case has given us a great deal of caution. The value of life,we must not because of a momentary negligence,resulting in a lifetime of regret. My company to many hot press operator's suggestion is:1,to fully rest,to ensure adequate sleep,lack of sleep can cause people tired,can not focus attention;2,work should focus attention,can not distract,security problems can not have a trace of careless;3,to do a good job,including the protection of some special clothing,etc.
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